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(Revised October 2006)

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan political organization. The League neither supports nor opposes political parties or candidates for office at any level of government. At the same time, we work to influence public policy through education and advocacy.

All members are expected to respect the League’s nonpartisan stance when they are speaking for or representing the League, but every member is expected to be active in the party of her/his choice. Since the nonpartisan character of the League of Women Voters is essential to its effectiveness in achieving full community support, we hereby adopt the following criteria which apply only to board members during their term of office:

  1. No board member may engage in partisan politics by serving as a candidate or by actively supporting candidates for public office. Specifically, actively supporting a candidate is considered to mean:
    1. Sponsoring a social event in honor of a candidate;
    2. Circulating an endorsement petition. However signing a petition is encouraged.
    3. Placing a candidate’s campaign signs on your property;
    4. Participating in a voter registration drive sponsored by a party or candidate;
    5. Adding your name to any political endorsement or advertisement in print, radio, TV, or on the Internet;
    6. Filling a visible role in a candidate’s campaign;
    7. Donating money to a political party or a candidate beyond the limit where your name must be listed as a contributor.
  2. When a board member anticipates becoming active in support of a political party or a candidate s/he should present a letter of resignation to the board. The member shall remain off the board from the time of the candidate’s filing until the election is over. Another member may be appointed by the board to fill the resigning member’s position, or that person may be reappointed to the board after the election is over. A news release should be issued at the time a board member resigns under these circumstances.
  3. When situations occur which are not covered by this policy the board member should bring the question before the board. If an answer is required before the next board meeting a decision should be made by the president in consultation with the other officers.
    All members: Any member who has a prominent political affiliation in the community, or a close family member prominently identified with a political party or candidate should not represent the League before the public at candidate forums in the role of moderator, question screener or time-keeper.

ADOPTED : October 10, 2006



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